Nutrigenomics Explained

Nutrigenomics testing, also known as personalized nutrition, addresses the individual differences in the body’s response to diet and physical activity.  Similar to the quote ‘One size doesn’t fit all,’ nutrition recommendations are tailored to ones’ own make-up.  This ensures that each client makes a very specific dietary modification to achieve the desired health outcomes.

Nutrigenomics testing is a saliva test that examines how someone’s genetic code influences their response to dietary components (micro- and macro- nutrients), as well as to endurance and strengthening exercises.  Nutrigenomics testing, with small variations between different kits, covers six main components.

Nutrigenomics component testing includes;

  • vitamins & minerals
  • heart and metabolic health
  • weight management and body composition
  • food intolerance
  • eating habits
  • exercise and fitness

Sport nutrition, or sport medicine, is an approach that we use in our dietary recommendations; exercise and physical activity are associated with better gut health. Ensuring the presence of a healthy microbiome (the genetic material of all the microbes on and in the body) is essential for a healthy gut and associated with decreased risk of several chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular diseases. Thus, recommendations that support a healthy microbiome is engraved in nutrigenomics services.

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